Molecular Hydrogen Water 101: Reviews and Benefits

Posted by: On March 30, 2022 2:30 pm

Molecular Hydrogen Water is one of the most desired designer waters on the market nowadays. If you’re new to the phenomenon and don’t do your research, then you’re missing out!

Grabbing a bottle of Aquafina on the go may sound convenient, but is it worth missing out on the health benefits that you can get from hydrogen water? In fact, most people don’t know that there are over 1,000 scientific studies on the health benefits of molecular hydrogen – did you?



Have you ever thought about whether hydrogen water has any extra benefits?

Is it worth switching from your regular mineral water to hydrogen water?

 If you have ever thought like this, then you are at the right …

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Everything You Need to Know About Molecular Hydrogen Water

Posted by: On November 2, 2021 12:00 pm

You’ve heard the buzz about Molecular Hydrogen Water, but what are the facts that you need to know for your health and wellbeing?


Everything You Need to Know About Molecular Hydrogen Water


What is Molecular Hydrogen Water and Why Do Scientists Love it?

First, the big question. What exactly is Molecular Hydrogen Water? In short, it is water that is enriched with thousands of microscopic bubbles of dissolved Molecular Hydrogen, the naturally occurring gas that is propelling scientific and medical research around the world.

Why are scientists so excited about Molecular Hydrogen? Well, for 1000 reasons! Actually, even more – research into how Molecular Hydrogen can change medical outcomes is expanding all the time.

So how do those bubbles of hydrogen get inside your body? Okay, so …

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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Molecular Hydrogen in Alkaline Water

Posted by: On October 13, 2021 12:00 pm

Check these 3 Amazing Facts about Molecular Hydrogen in Alkaline Water and just imagine what it can do for you!


3 Things You Didn’t Know About Molecular Hydrogen in Alkaline Water


It can help you to lose weight!

This is a game-changer! According to scientists, drinking alkaline hydrogen water can help to drop the pounds and keep them off!

Recover FAST after your workout!

Rehydrating with hydrogen water after a workout can cut recovery time AND help your muscles to feel stronger, faster!

It can help you feel happier!

Hydrate yourself happy! Drinking hydrogen-rich water is clinically linked to supporting the central nervous system, which helps to regulate mood and anxiety.


Alkaline Water Uses Ebook


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The Harsh Truth Behind Hydrogen Sticks (Spoiler: It’s a Scam)

Posted by: On March 31, 2021 12:19 pm

Hydrogen sticks do sound convenient and useful. Just pop them into your water glass or bottle and a few seconds later – alkaline water, or so the manufacturers would have you believe.

But with countless reports of dissatisfied customers and even potential health red-flags appearing, we’re taking a closer look.



The Harsh Truth behind Hydrogen Sticks



What are hydrogen sticks?

Do hydrogen sticks really make water more alkaline?

Do hydrogen sticks make tap water safer to drink?

Can hydrogen sticks be dangerous to use?

Is a water ionizer better than hydrogen sticks?


What are hydrogen sticks?

Hydrogen sticks are the latest attempt to jump on the popularity of ionized alkaline water from a water ionizer.

Depending on your product, you place the …

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3 Unbelievable Benefits of Hydrogen Water – Blog Updated for 2021

Posted by: On March 19, 2021 12:00 pm

Not only is the Japanese life expectancy the highest in the world, with women living to an average of 87.32 years and men reaching an average age of 81.25 years, but they’re getting even better at it. In fact, the lifespan of Japanese people is at an all-time high and it keeps getting longer.


3 Unbelievable Benefits of Hydrogen Water – Blog Updated for 2021 2

Early Life Lessons in Health

A major reason for this is what the Japanese eat and drink. From childhood, they are taught about the importance of a healthy, balanced diet built around vitamin-and-mineral-rich fish, vegetables, tofu, whole grains, soy, and seaweed.

And you know what else is enormously popular in both Japan and South Korea? Hydrogen alkaline water from a water ionizer!

Hydrogen-Rich Alkaline Water

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Infused Hydrogen Water Benefits

Posted by: On January 13, 2021 12:00 pm

What are the top benefits of drinking infused hydrogen water? Take a look at our list and just picture how a water ionizer could transform YOUR life in 2021!


Infused Hydrogen Water Benefits


1. Get hydrated faster and stay that way, with long-lasting, great-tasting hydration

Hydration is key to good health. Without it, we can’t function. Infused hydrogen water hydrates you quickly, and for longer than tap or bottled water.

2. Fantastic for supporting a strong and healthy immune system

A robust immune system has never been more important. Support yours with the best tasting water out there!

3. Healthy, balanced pH levels are one of the cornerstones of good health. Infused hydrogen water is exactly what you need to stay balanced!

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Hydrogen Water Can Help Prevent and Reduce Hangovers

Posted by: On January 1, 2021 12:00 pm

We know that the best way to avoid a hangover is to steer clear of alcohol in the first place. However, it is the holiday season, and many people are tempted into drinking a little more of the hard stuff than usual.

It’s fun to celebrate, but no one wants to follow up a great evening with the dreaded hangover. We’ve rounded up the five all-time greatest ways to sensibly enjoy alcohol over the holidays and avoid feeling full-on Grinch the following day!


Hydrogen Water Can Help Prevent and Reduce Hangovers


Will Sleep Help Me Avoid a Hangover?

Will Drinking Hydrogen Water Before Consuming Alcohol Prevent a Hangover?

What Should I Eat to Avoid Hangovers?

How Does Drinking Hydrogen Water After Drinking Alcohol Prevent a Hangover?

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How Fresh Should Hydrogen Water Be?

Posted by: On October 16, 2020 12:00 pm

Molecular hydrogen water tastes fantastic, energizes you from within, and delivers a slew of benefits. But once you’ve filled your glass, how long do those hydrogen bubbles stick around for? Let’s find out!


How Fresh Should Hydrogen Water Be


Is Fresh Hydrogen Water Best?

How Do I Get Fresh Hydrogen Water?

How Fresh Should Hydrogen Water Be?

How Long Does Hydrogen Last in Water?

Does Hydrogen Water Go Bad?

Is Fresh Hydrogen Water Best?

It sure is. Alkaline water fresh from your Tyent water ionizer contains thousands of microscopic bubbles of pure molecular hydrogen. Those bubbles don’t disperse immediately, but nothing beats freshly ionized water positively brimming with the power of molecular hydrogen!

How Do I Get Fresh Hydrogen Water?

Not from a bottle …

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Does Hydrogen Water Equal More Fun?

Posted by: On September 9, 2020 12:00 pm


Does Hydrogen Water Equal More Fun


Okay, so here are two scenarios. First: it’s been a long day. You trudge through the door, kick off your shoes and drop into the nearest comfy chair. You snack on something unhealthy, drink a soda that gives you a brief buzzy high, swiftly followed by a heavy-eyed slump, then feel too tired to fix ‘proper’ food, so watch TV with a ready meal and traipse off to bed.

Scenario Two: It’s been a long day. You get home and the first thing you do? Grab a long glass of ionized water, because you know it’s the one thing that can revive you after a day like this one. You drink it and feel the tiny bubbles of

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How Do I Make Hydrogen Water?

Posted by: On August 5, 2020 12:00 pm

It’s no secret that hydrogen water is awesome to drink and can boast more health benefits than we can shake a stick at, but here’s a good question: how do you make hydrogen water?


How do I make Hydrogen Water


Homemade Hydrogen Water!

It might be the hottest health ticket in town, but it’s possible to produce hydrogen water yourself, whenever you feel like a glass of the best-tasting water on the market today.

But how do you do that? Do you need to be a scientist? A medical doctor? An acclaimed nutritionist?

Nope, you don’t. Anyone can make hydrogen water, and in fact, we’ll make it even easier – we’ll give you two ways of doing it!

Hydrogen Water From a Water

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